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Here's the back story surrounding the CCG Toolkit:

About 2004, I became involved with a team developing a suite of applications to assist players and judges with the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. Over time these tools became known as the Netrep website, RONIN rulings tool, and Deck Studio deck creation/analysis program. They were written using the .Net Framework in its various formats (ASP.Net / AJAX, WinForms, WPF for managing the database). While I was the original author of only the Deck Studio application, I eventually took control of the entire "suite" and rewrote some of the components and restructured the database to be expandable to other collectible card games (CCGs.)

The tools were quite successful. It is regrettable that I had to stop the projects, but fortunately one group of folks have continued to keep the Netrep website running, and I have received inquires about how the application is structured by those looking to implement features in their own applications. I have had my own thoughts about pulling this code out again to update for a new CCG (Legend of the Five Rings) but the time is unavailable for me currently.

Some of this code spans 5 years of working on the CCG Toolkit project and can be quite messy at times. I was in the process of upgrading things and starting fresh in most areas, but it just never quite happened. So be prepared for a few weird things out there and if you're in a bind, shoot me the code snippet and I'll see if I can make heads or tails of it for you since the documentation is quite sparse in most places.

With that said, I tip my hat to you and wish you the best of luck. Hopefully this code will give you a good springboard for your own application, or provide a helpful reference in structuring your own applications.

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